Electronic resources use set up on & off campus direction

Whenever log in through “ERMG E-Resources Gateway”, system authenticate with EZProxy automatically. Users have full-text access without any additional set up. For assistance, please contact the Reference Desk on (04) 2205-3366 ext. 1560.

    User Log-in direction:

    User Category ID PW
    ID is CMU Portal login ID
    (English letters are always capitalized)
    PW is CMU Portal default password
    Hospital staff ID is ID No.
    (English letters are always capitalized)
    PW: Default settings: ID No. (Letters capitalized).
    **Chang password:
    Student and Staff:CMU Portal
    Hospital staff:「 Library/ Library Catalog∕ Mylibary」
    ※ Guest (alumnus & others): please contact the Reference Desk

    Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources:
    Prohibited actions will result in suspended sanctions for the University, please make sure to cooperate.

    • Systematic downloading of significant portions of articles or other information is not permitted.
    • The licensed electronic resources made available by the University Library are for personal research, scholarly & educational purposes, not for resale or commercial.
    • Please respect Intellectual Property Rights. Prohibited users have to own their legal liability once verified.
    • Some databases have online user limit, please log out once finished.
    • Some resources show Log-in Id & Password in pop-up window. Please do not block pop-up windows.